Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Been Away

It's been a while since I gotten to blogging. It's not like I had a lot on my plate but it took a while to want to write reviews again. I have a few in my back log that I never posted yet. I'll be adding them in the next few weeks as I continue some new reviews as well.

I just got a new computer, and I've been really interested in the indie PC games that have come out so I'm plan on doing a series of indie game reviews that I've found quite exceptional in the next few weeks: The Path from Tale of Tales, Cryostasis: Sleep of Reason from Action Forums, Zeno Clash from Ace Team, and Penumbra Collection from Frictional Games. Most of these are horror (except for Zeno Clash), which seem to have taken on the genre's traditions rather uniquely. My inital impressions is that I like them and their prices were all extremely agreeable ($9.99 each), but come back for the full reviews later in the coming weeks.

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